Clark County Nevada Schools and Home Values

I recently read an article written by real estate investor Ken Corsini who purchases property throughout Georgia’s metropolitan area. His article, “Do Schools Really Affect Property Values?” documents his findings as to whether or not home values are in fact affected by it’s surrounding schools.

What sparked the research is what often keeps real estate investors successful and ahead of the market: to determine what homebuyers currently take into consideration as opposed to what they wanted in a home five years ago. The results were intriguing.

According to Corsini’s research, property values had little to no decline when located within a highly ranked school district (rankings were one through five, with five being the highest). Research also revealed that homes located within a district of low rank saw substantial decline in home value.

Let’s try to make a correlation with Clark County Nevada schools and current home values. What a minute, it is impossible to do with today’s fluctuating real estate market! What is astounding is everyone has an opportunity to purchase a home in any school district they choose. Because Las Vegas homes’ property values are at extreme lows, parents who are concerned for their child’s education can now make a move to benefit their children’s future with little sacrifice and the right planning.

So where are the best schools in Las Vegas? Answering that question would be inappropriately steering buyers in a particular direction. However, there is a FREE and REPUTABLE resource, available to parents and educators alike. Simply plug the city and state in the search box and you will have access to all the information you need about surrounding schools as well as ratings and comments from others.

We’ll revisit this conversation when the housing market stabilizes a bit and we can obtain accurate statistics.

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