Does Your Las Vegas Home Set on a Natural Disaster?

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They’re not talked about them much in the Las Vegas real estate community. Most residents have no idea they exist. Home owners are not required to disclose them to potential buyers. None the less, the Las Vegas valley sets on 7 major fault lines:

  1. The West Charleston Fault (by Durango from Tropicana to Summerlin Pkwy).
  2. Eglington Fault (along Centenial/215 from Jones to Pecos).
  3. Frenchmen Mountain Fault (along Hollywood Blvd from Vegas Valley to Cheyenne).
  4. Whitney Mesa Fault (in Henderson, along the 95 from the 215 to Tropicana).
  5. Decatur Fault (on Decatur from Hacienda to the 95).
  6. Valley View Fault (on Spring Valley from Flamingo to Craig).
  7. Cashman Fault (on Eastern from the 95 to Cheyenne)

I am a bit surprised there is little alarm over a potential earthquake. I have brokered nearly $100 million in Las Vegas real estate and not once have had a buyer or seller sign a disclosure related to fault lines in proximity to the subject property. We disclose airport noise, gaming, new road construction and construction defects, but have little concern for a Green Valley home being built on the Whitney Mesa Fault.

While Nevada geologists believe the likelihood of a major quake is minimal, Las Vegas and Henderson home buyers would be wise to do some research. No person, if given the opportunity, would buy a house that sets on a major fault line. They would however purchase a house in relation to a fault line. For example, Southern Highlands Real Estate, Mountains Edge Real Estate and Rhodes Ranch Real Estate are a good distance from all fault lines according to the fault map. It would stand to reason they are the safest places in the valley.

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