Eating in Season in Las Vegas

Living in the desert can pose a few problems when it comes to eating fresh food. The lack of rain and the water restrictions keep many farms at bay. The number of actual functioning fruit and vegetable farms is miniscule so how does a Las Vegas real estate resident eat in season?

The first thing is to know is what’s in season. Luckily California is just a few hours away and they have a plethora of seasonal foods to choose from. Most produce arrives pretty fresh as opposed to having to be transported from New York only to be not-so-fresh upon arrival. A great resource is the Southland Farmers’ Market Association out of California. The site lists by month which counties grow what and when. If you want to eat seasonally, bookmark it.

The other option is to buy produce from the few local farmers at Las Vegas farmers markets around the city. Now this kind of shopping requires a little more planning as there’s not a 24-hour farmers market in town. Most farmers set up shop on different days in different locations. The Las Vegas Farmers’ Market site has a list of days, times and locations. Again, it’s another great resource and supporting local Ma and Pa farms keeps them up and running.

What’s in season in September? Apples, Avocados, Eggplant, Grapes, Okra, Peaches, Pears, Squash and much more. Enjoy!

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