FAQ: Can You Keep Chickens in Las Vegas Nevada?

Chickens in Las VegasWhen we first moved to Las Vegas years ago, we were cordially invited to a co-worker’s home so they could introduce us to people in the neighborhood. Over time we developed a wonderful relationship with them and were often asked to housesit for them when they went out of town. We were given our instructions of which one was, “Make sure the cat doesn’t sneak out, she likes to chase the chickens.”

It had never occurred to me that Las Vegas real estate residents would have chickens in their backyard especially in a very small space where there’s barely enough room for the patio furniture let alone a chicken coop.

Over time, complaints were made to Animal Control as the neighbors next door to our friends accumulated a rooster who rudely woke up the entire street very early in the morning. The chickens figured out how to climb over privacy walls and they enjoyed exotic plants from surrounding landscapes. Needless to say they were not well kept and disappeared one afternoon.

As the trend of keeping organic chickens spreads, we receive more and more questions in regards to Clark County Nevada’s rules and requirements for chickens. I made a few phone calls and did a little research for such inquisitors.

Clark County Nevada residents can have chickens in their backyard IF and I stress the word IF the zoning laws in that area allow it. Districts with small lots most likely will not allow for any keeping of aviary (chickens/birds). Districts with larger lots (RE/RA/RU) most likely allow for chickens and birds up to a maximum of 20 birds.

When inquiring the Department of Comprehensive Planning in Clark County, they did say however that there are no specific requirements in regards to what kind of shelter or coop must be provided. They leave that up to the homeowner.

For more information please visit the Department of Comprehensive Planning at www.clarkcounty.gov.

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