Las Vegas Nevada Fault Line Map

Over the last couple years the number and magnitude of earthquakes has become alarming. It is estimated there is an earthquake every 11 seconds on planet earth. People don’t normally give much consideration to earthquakes unless they are prevalent in an area in which they live; nonetheless they are still happening all the time. Just take a look at the data for the last 30 days on Did you know that there was a small 2.7 earthquake in Illinois on August 31st? Neither did I. These rumbles are happening all around us, all the time.

What causes earthquakes? Well here’s a good short answer from Dr. Gerard Fryer of the University of Hawaii, “Earthquakes are caused by faulting, a sudden lateral or vertical movement of rock along a rupture surface.”

Are earthquakes possible in the Las Vegas area? There has never been a major quake and the likelihood of such an event is rather low, but the answer is certainly, “Yes!” The city does rest on 7 fault lines. Yes, I said 7 fault lines. I previously posted a fault line map here as it is very easy to interpret. If you know the city streets you can follow the fault lines.

The very south to southwest part of the valley is the furthest away from any fault line. While the potential for earthquakes is not discussed much in Las Vegas real estate, each resident should take at least a few minutes to familiarize themselves with where their home lies in conjunction to the fault lines.

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