St. Joseph Sells Houses?

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For Catholics St. Joseph was historically known as the husband of Mary, the earthy father of Jesus Christ and a carpenter. For Catholics of late, he is known as a patron saint and the protector of the Universal Catholic Church. For generations faithful followers have prayed to him for protection in life.

Today St. Joseph has become known to many as the key to selling their home. With a slowing market across the country, Americans are purchasing special St. Joseph home sale kits online for about $10.00 with hopes that the saint will help them unload their home. Look down any street in Henderson Nevada Real Estate; it is clear most neighborhoods are for sale. The fad has worked so well that many local religious stores have begun selling the package as well. The kit includes a statue of St. Joseph, a prayer to pray and detailed instructions on where to bury the statue and how to position it.
Some have taken superstitious liberties when the placement of the statue wasn’t working and changed it. This ritual has turned the head of many Henderson Nevada Realtors® who have found themselves stumped trying to sell clients Henderson Nevada Homes.

A little history, the practice of burying St. Joseph to help you sell your home began in 1984 and gained mass popularity in the early 1990’s. Realtors® were purchasing these kits when they took a listing in hopes that it would quicken the sale of the home.

On a personal note, I have seen this practice in person. Frank, a friend of mine, was trying to sell his Henderson Nevada Home a year ago and was having no luck with his Fung Schwa arrangement. Frank is not a religious person of any sort so I found it a bit humorous. When he told me about the situation, he was waiting for a Buddhist monk and a Catholic Priest to come later that week to bless his home. He said to me numerous times, “Whatever works.” He did manage to sell his home two months later.

It is hard to call this practice new as it has been around for a while, but it is no less intriguing to me. People who are not Catholic and do not believe in anything religious are taking part in this practice and finding luck. I wish there was a way to measure the success rate of the practice. While I haven’t used this tactic when selling my own houses I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for trying. It’s intriguing!

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