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Fun Friday: Las Vegas Greek Festival

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Skip breakfast and lunch today because you’re going to need all the extra room for some of the best Greek food in Las Vegas. This weekend marks the 39th year for the famous festival. Three days of Greek goodness!

AND THE DANCING! The festival entertainment with the Greek dancers from children to adults is really where all the fun and laughter starts. Dine and then dance along.

Here are the details:

September 23-25th (Friday – Sunday)
St. John the Baptist Green Orthodox Church (at El Camino & W. Hacienda)
$6 for adults (children 12 and under are free)

On the main menu:
Gyros, Kebabs, Dolmathes, Pastitsios, Spanakopitas, Tiropitas and more!

On the dessert menu:
Loukoumathes, Diples, Koulourakia, Kourambiethes, Melomakaronas, Kataifi, Bougatasa and of course Baklava and more!

Don’t know what’s in a Pastitsio or what a Kataifi tastes like? Check out the Las Vegas Greek Festival for more information.

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Las Vegas Citi Kitty

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

I just can’t let this one go. After seeing it on one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank, I was hooked on the concept. I’m not a cat person, but the inventor of this is a genius.

With over 60% of Las Vegas residents owning pets, the chances of one of those homes owning a cat or two is highly likely. So many cat owners pride themselves on the cleanliness of their cats, but the fact of the matter is, it’s hard for a house not to smell like kitty litter.

Especially in the real estate business when you’re showing a home, a strong pet odor of any kind is a huge deterrent. Vacant homes all over the city are notorious for housing all the stray cats in Las Vegas.

The solution? Citi Kitty. Seriously.

Can you imagine Las Vegas cats that are toilet trained? Yes, like Jinxy the cat in Meet the Fockers. The Citi Kitty Kit gives you a step-by-step process on how to train your cat to use the toilet. The result? No more smelly house. No more purchasing 30 pound bags of toxic kitty litter and no more showing homes where the odor of cat urine is so strong. Check out Citi Kitty for your Las Vegas pet.

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Clark County NV Schools: Back to School Information

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Clark County NV schools are scheduled to start back August 29th. Many staff have already headed back and are preparing their rooms for the new students. It seems like summer flew by. Some parents are getting excited to have a quiet house again during the day, some parents wished for a little more time and the kids? Well, most are ready to see their friends again minus the homework.

The Clark County Schools District has laid out all the back to school information for parents and guardians at This is a wonderful and extremely user-friendly educational resource! After reviewing the website, it looks like it has everything you need from first day of school forms to dress code policies and lunch menus. It even has a section on how to enroll online as well as a must-have immunizations list. They have made most items available both in English and Spanish. Click under the “Parents” tab and enjoy.

Also, check out the CCSD Highlights for additional interesting reads and articles on students and teachers and alumni who have received local and national awards and recognitions.

Don’t forget to head out now for back to school supplies. Best time to go? Early in the morning before all the ruckus. Forgot your list? No worries. Most office supply stores have school lists on hand.

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Fun Friday: Renting Movies in Las Vegas

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

If you’re not headed out to join the masses to see the last Harry Potter movie, chances are, you’ll find yourself renting a movie. We all have seen the fall of most of the major movie rental chains as the mighty NetFlix appeared on the scene. So, what are the options for renting a movie in Las Vegas?

  • Netflix. If you don’t want to leave your home. Get the movies in the mail or streaming via your tv, Xbox, PS3 or Wii. Easiest option if you the right device. Upside: No late fees.
  • redbox. .99 an night rental is a pretty sweet deal and they have the new releases that Netflix doesn’t always carry. Gotta find a redbox in the neighborhood, usually at Smiths, Albertson’s or Wal-Mart. Downside: If you forget to return it, they keep adding .99 to your credit card until returned.
  • iTunes. Download a movie. There’s always a .99 movie rental of the week and most other movies are 2.99 for 48 hours of unlimited viewing. Upside: No late fees.
  • Blockbuster. Still hanging by a thread. Rent a movie the old-fashioned way. Trying to be like redbox, but not as successful.
  • Hollywood Video. Hanging by less than a thread. No video kiosks.

If you can’t beat the heat, stay inside where it’s cool and enjoy a movie with some friends.

Happy Friday!

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Las Vegas Summer Camps for Kids

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Did you know that this is the first year in a long while that kids that attend school year round will have the entire summer off? Sounds like party time for the kids but if you’re a parent who cannot take the summer off with your children, the question, “ What will my kids do during the day while I’m at work?” has to be answered. For many, the extra expense of child care or sitters is not an option and many have relied on free day camps for help.

Recent budget cuts in the Clark County School System have resulted in the closing of school buildings for the summer. Where summer camps used to be able to use the buildings for free before, places to host the camps have dwindled as well as the number of summer camps available this year. Less camps, mean less options, which means long waiting lists for other camps that do not utilize the school buildings.

If parents were slow to enroll, chances are their children may not have the opportunity to participate in a summer program at all and parents will have to seek out a more costly option. However, check with the local YMCA before giving up.

The Las Vegas YMCA is currently advertising it’s summer classes, swim lessons and other activities for kids on their website. There is also financial assistance available as well for those that qualify. For more information go to There are four locations spread around the Las Vegas Valley to choose from.

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