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Las Vegas Homes: Spooky Housing Superstitions

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Over the years I have always been intrigued at just how much of a role superstitions play in Las Vegas. Lucky charms, lucky hats, lucky coins, lucky numbers even lucky rooms, visitors and locals alike go to great lengths to ensure that Lady Luck is on their side. Even casinos such as The Wynn have omitted floors ending in the number four as the number four brings with it bad luck.

These same kinds of superstitions have spilled over into the Las Vegas real estate market as well. Buyers have been known to avoid closing on a home on a day ending in the number four and they most certainly would not buy a home with an address ending in the number four. Why? The number four in Chinese sounds eerily similar to the word death. They are much more attracted to the number eight which is associated with riches or wealth.

Set aside bad feng shui and unlucky numbers and there are a slew of other spooky housing superstitions. St. Joseph sells houses. Did you know that a statute of the patron saint of selling homes is commonly buried in the front yard of homes with the hopes that it will speed the selling process?

No faith in St. Joseph? Protect your home from witches this weekend by putting fennel seed in the keyholes of your doors or in the door jams. Whatever the superstition, if buyers, sellers and homeowners believe in them they’ll continue to put them into practice no matter how silly it may seem.

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Las Vegas Summer Camps for Kids

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Did you know that this is the first year in a long while that kids that attend school year round will have the entire summer off? Sounds like party time for the kids but if you’re a parent who cannot take the summer off with your children, the question, “ What will my kids do during the day while I’m at work?” has to be answered. For many, the extra expense of child care or sitters is not an option and many have relied on free day camps for help.

Recent budget cuts in the Clark County School System have resulted in the closing of school buildings for the summer. Where summer camps used to be able to use the buildings for free before, places to host the camps have dwindled as well as the number of summer camps available this year. Less camps, mean less options, which means long waiting lists for other camps that do not utilize the school buildings.

If parents were slow to enroll, chances are their children may not have the opportunity to participate in a summer program at all and parents will have to seek out a more costly option. However, check with the local YMCA before giving up.

The Las Vegas YMCA is currently advertising it’s summer classes, swim lessons and other activities for kids on their website. There is also financial assistance available as well for those that qualify. For more information go to There are four locations spread around the Las Vegas Valley to choose from.

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Fun Friday: Facts About Father’s Day

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th.

Did You Know….

There are 64.3 million fathers in the United States.
The first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia.
The first celebration was to honor fathers who died in a mining accident.
Father’s Day was proclaimed by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966.
Father’s Day will earn over $8 billion in sales.
Over 95 million cards will be given to dads this Father’s Day.
50% of those cards are bought by children.
The majority of cards will be given to dad from daughter.

Famous Father/Son Duos
Bob & Ziggy Marley
Donald & Kiefer Sutherland
George Bush & George W. Bush
Hank Williams & Hank Williams Jr.
Ken Griffey & Ken Griffey Jr.
Kirk & Michael Douglas
Martin & Charlie Sheen
Nick & George Clooney
Will & Jaden Smith

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Memorial Day Family Fun: The Pool at Ravella Lake Las Vegas

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Take a look at the Las Vegas Memorial Day Event Guides around town and nearly every guide is void of anything for families. Interestingly enough, Memorial Day is about remembering and celebrating those who have served our country, the majority of which have families. While the Strip will be full of singles and young couples headed to the hippest and most swank of clubs, anyone with children under the age of 21 will not be able to attend or celebrate Las Vegas style.

This is a constant question and at times stimulates heated discussions as to whether or not Las Vegas is a good place to raise a family. Regardless of the opinions, I do in believe that Las Vegas could do a better job at promoting families through events, races, and family-friendly spaces including hotels.

If you are looking for something fun for the family in Las Vegas, Ravella at Lake Las Vegas is celebrating families this Memorial Day weekend. They want to draw from the local crowd by making it a 2-day party with the cost added to a special overnight hotel package.

In true Las Vegas style, the hostess of the party is a former Playboy playmate turned mother. There will be a Caribbean themed BBQ, various children’s games and entertainment and fun food and drinks for all ages around the magnificent pool. Best of all, everyone in the pool will have their bathing suits on. This party will be family friendly. For more information visit

Happy Memorial Day Friends!

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Reserving a Shelter in Henderson, NV Parks

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Memorial Day is just around the corner and if you or your friends don’t have a backyard big enough to host a big party, chances are you’re looking for a place to go. Maybe you don’t have the time to clean beforehand and you’d rather use someone else’s charcoal grill. Why not try having your celebration under a nice shaded shelter in Henderson, Nevada parks?

The steps for reserving a shelter are quite simple.

  1. You must be a Henderson, Nevada resident or company.
  2. You may reserve the shelter up to 180 days in advance.
  3. Download, print and fill out the park reservation application.
  4. Drop off the application during business hours to the City of Henderson Parks & Recreation Department.
  5. Bring a credit card with you for the security deposit. For parties less than 150 people, the total after the refundable deposit around $25. Leave it in good shape and they are good to you.

The process is pretty easy and there are little to no hassles. There are two important things to remember.


Other than those 2 rules, partying in the parks is really easy. The beautifully maintained parks of Henderson, NV are truly one of the greatest free perks of living here!

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