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Identity Theft & Prevention

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

In 2009 alone, there were over 10 million cases of identity theft. Here we are two years later and it is no surprise that identity theft is still on the rise. Tough financial times can lend themselves to people taking extremely desperate measures and stealing the identity of someone who has money readily available to them. While some use the information for shopping sprees, others are using the newly obtained name to commit crimes or even establish a new identity within another country.

Identities are being stolen by….

  • Digging through trash looking for statements with personal information and account numbers on them.
  • Taking personal papers from plain sight. (Almost half of all victims know the thief).
  • Stealing a wallet or purse.
  • Directly obtaining a credit card or debit card number.
  • Hacking into a server or database where personal information is stored.
  • Taking information from someone’s computer on an unsecured wireless network.
  • A victim being careless or forgetful.

Prevent identity theft by….

  • Dropping outgoing mail in a post office box.
  • Securing your wireless internet connections. Create passwords not easily detected.
  • Shredding any documents containing personal information.
  • NEVER carrying around your social security card.
  • Checking your credit every year if not more for discrepancies. It is also a good idea to check the social security numbers of your children and any recently deceased family members. This is the newest trend for thieves.

For more statistics, information and prevention tips go to

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Las Vegas Citi Kitty

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

I just can’t let this one go. After seeing it on one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank, I was hooked on the concept. I’m not a cat person, but the inventor of this is a genius.

With over 60% of Las Vegas residents owning pets, the chances of one of those homes owning a cat or two is highly likely. So many cat owners pride themselves on the cleanliness of their cats, but the fact of the matter is, it’s hard for a house not to smell like kitty litter.

Especially in the real estate business when you’re showing a home, a strong pet odor of any kind is a huge deterrent. Vacant homes all over the city are notorious for housing all the stray cats in Las Vegas.

The solution? Citi Kitty. Seriously.

Can you imagine Las Vegas cats that are toilet trained? Yes, like Jinxy the cat in Meet the Fockers. The Citi Kitty Kit gives you a step-by-step process on how to train your cat to use the toilet. The result? No more smelly house. No more purchasing 30 pound bags of toxic kitty litter and no more showing homes where the odor of cat urine is so strong. Check out Citi Kitty for your Las Vegas pet.

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Fun Friday: Renting Movies in Las Vegas

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

If you’re not headed out to join the masses to see the last Harry Potter movie, chances are, you’ll find yourself renting a movie. We all have seen the fall of most of the major movie rental chains as the mighty NetFlix appeared on the scene. So, what are the options for renting a movie in Las Vegas?

  • Netflix. If you don’t want to leave your home. Get the movies in the mail or streaming via your tv, Xbox, PS3 or Wii. Easiest option if you the right device. Upside: No late fees.
  • redbox. .99 an night rental is a pretty sweet deal and they have the new releases that Netflix doesn’t always carry. Gotta find a redbox in the neighborhood, usually at Smiths, Albertson’s or Wal-Mart. Downside: If you forget to return it, they keep adding .99 to your credit card until returned.
  • iTunes. Download a movie. There’s always a .99 movie rental of the week and most other movies are 2.99 for 48 hours of unlimited viewing. Upside: No late fees.
  • Blockbuster. Still hanging by a thread. Rent a movie the old-fashioned way. Trying to be like redbox, but not as successful.
  • Hollywood Video. Hanging by less than a thread. No video kiosks.

If you can’t beat the heat, stay inside where it’s cool and enjoy a movie with some friends.

Happy Friday!

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Las Vegas Real Estate: Taking care of your home

Monday, July 18th, 2011

In the month of May, Clark County Nevada saw the sale of over 3,500 single-family residences. The numbers are pretty good especially when you take into consideration the 6,000 home sales that were postponed or canceled at the trustee sale. All in all, it is proof that homes are in fact still selling and people are in fact still buying and at historic lows.

With all this selling going on my question to you is, “What are you doing to take care of your piece of Las Vegas real estate” and “Are you keeping it up in case you have to or want to sell it someday?” Many of the homes taking precedence are not only an eye-catching price but one that has been cared for.

Real Estate on published an article titled, “Sellers beware: 8 factors that devalue a good home.” Here’s a quick summary (with a few of my own notes).

  1. Location. Need I say more?
  2. DIY projects gone awry. If it looks like you did it yourself, reconsider redoing it professionally.
  3. Too creative. I remember showing a home 7 years ago with a HUGE plastered sunshine in the living room. I think it’s still on the market.
  4. Curb appeal not appealing. Desert landscaping does not translate into no maintenance.
  5. Pets live there more than humans. Does it look like or smell like pets rule the roost? Not everyone likes pets and most do not want to buy a home that smells like animals.
  6. Shady neighbors. Do your neighbors care about their homes?
  7. Bad rap. What’s the country saying about your neighborhood? Did it make an infamous list?
  8. “As-is” home for sale. Do you like to buy items from Home Depot marked “As-is?” Consider different verbiage.

This list is pretty thorough. Make sure to take these things into consideration before putting your house on the market better yet, just keep up with the list and should you ever want to sell your home, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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Las Vegas: Is it really a dirty city?

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Question: Is Las Vegas really a dirty city?

Just last month, Yahoo! Travel published an article documenting America’s top 10 dirtiest cities. Guess who made the list? You got it. The city of Las Vegas came in at lucky number seven (oh the irony). It fell two notches from from spot number five in 2010’s poll but it’s an improvement. The break down as to why Las Vegas made the list wasn’t very detailed other than the fact that Vegas is the number one party town in America. How does that translate into dirty? Are we dirty as in hygiene or dirty as in morals? Hmmmmm.

One interesting tidbit mentioned in this article was that Sin City was number 1 for the most luxurious hotels. Again, I’m not sure how you can have the most luxurious hotels in the country and yet still be on the dirtiest cities list. These luxury hotels make certain that their immediate surroundings are pristine. Have you seen the Wynn’s landscape lately? What about the Bellagio? The incredible dancing fountain viewing area is always kept crystal clean.

If you head into some of the dirtier parts of town,  I am still not sure that Las Vegas should have made the list. Nearly every city in the county has dirty parts of town. Now if they’re referring to dust and dirt from all the construction, then maybe I can see it. Dust and dirt coat vehicles all year round.

Answer: No. I think Las Vegas just got a bad wrap on this one.

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