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Las Vegas Car Washes

Friday, August 5th, 2011

They are just about as numerous as Starbucks in Las Vegas. You can find one on every other corner. Whether the hand wash, automatic wash or self-serve wash, there’s no shortage of options for washing your car.

For many Las Vegas real estate homeowners, washing your car in the driveway is frowned upon and in many instances against HOA rules. During the summer and other parts of the year washing your car could also result in a fine from the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Many cities simply don’t allow it because it contaminates the storm drain system. The solution? The car wash.

People had been hand washing their cars for years until 1914 when the Automatic Laundry (automatic car wash) opened up for business. Washing cars has never been the same and the car wash business is a lucrative one. The idea was immediately appealing. For a couple bucks and a few minutes of time, the car can now be spotless.

Which one to choose? If you have time, the hand car wash is always the best option. With the automatic wash, there’s always the questions of how harsh are the bristles on the brushes, how old are the brushes, how often are they cleaned or changed and the ever so curious what was washed off the car before. The high-powered sprayers can take off antennae, bumper stickers, magnets and other decals too (just something to think about). There’s always the option of the self-serve car wash where you wash your own car on-site in order to avoid those fines from the Water Authority or your HOA.

Two of our favorites in town? Terrible Herbst (the only green car wash in Las Vegas) and Fabulous Freddy’s. Check ‘em out.

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A Nevada Treasure: Valley of Fire State Park

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Stretched over 35,000 acres is the state of Nevada’s oldest State Park, Valley of Fire. As it is located just 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas, many residents and visitors take day trips and weekend trips to see this natural beauty. It’s a fantastic way to get away from the city and into what seems like another world.

Called “Valley of Fire” because the shades of red and orange sandstone spread over the acres, it literally looks as if the valley is on fire. With numerous trails, gorgeous rock formations and unique wildlife you will see hikers, climbers, birdwatchers and outdoorsmen everywhere.

For those who may not be able to hike, there is a 2-mile scenic loop taking you to some of those beautiful formations. You can picnic, camp or cabin in the park. There is a fee of $10 a day per vehicle to enter the park and other fees apply if you are camping. For more information call 702.397.2088 or visit the Nevada Division of State Parks. And go see it! You will not be disappointed.

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The Lowest Gas Prices in Las Vegas

Friday, July 1st, 2011

It’s the start of Fourth of July weekend and for many that means traveling. Las Vegas families are often headed out of town for a little vacation while others have family that are headed to Vegas for a little vacation. For Las Vegas real estate residents, the door swings back and forth quite frequently around here.

Gas prices in Las Vegas are currently around $3.25 which is about a quarter below the national average today. Not bad. And, it is even cheaper than it was over Memorial Day but still up a dollar a gallon from last year. While Memorial Day is a more highly traveled holiday, the gas prices will help keep tourism afloat, at least for now.

If you are traveling this holiday weekend, there are a variety of ways to save on gas from Perks at the Pump offered by various grocery chains to cash back credit cards from various gas stations. Learning how to save can be tricky, but it is possible.

One website I have found helpful in finding the lowest Las Vegas gas prices around is Residents throughout the Valley watch gas prices and when they spot one that is a good deal they share it. The price per gallon is reported and then posted on the website for public access. Not only do they post the lowest but the highest price per gallon as well for those who would like to know if they’ve been hoodwinked.

Participants who report local gas prices are eligible for prizes and fuel points, another way to save a little bit at the pump.

Check it out:

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Las Vegas Roadwork and Road Closures

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Since the initiation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, Las Vegas road construction, road closures and traffic jams seem to be on the rise. I suppose if you talk to anyone in any city right now, they might have a similar story.

According to, “Construction and repair of roads and bridges as well as scientific research and the expansion of broadband and wireless service are also included among the many projects that the Recovery Act will fund.” And yes, that is what is happening. Repairs, expansions and many projects are in progress.

Don’t get me wrong, creating new jobs for a bleak economy is applause worthy. Driving on smooth blacktop is enjoyable. Choosing from four lanes on the interstate is heavenly and riding my bike on a sidewalk that is completely finished from Point A to Point B is grand. However, these things are all byproducts of completed projects and many of the projects that were funded by Recovery Act money in the Las Vegas real estate area are incomplete. Because many of them were started AT THE SAME TIME, they are all still under construction. Finding the fastest alternate routes is now a personal strength of mine.

Luckily, the City of Las Vegas has a resource for residents and visitors. has the latest information on roadwork and closures. Simply click on “Check Status of” under the “I Want To” section on the left hand side. The page details the street, location, start date and end date as well as the problem that is being addressed. It’s a good place to start before planning your trip across town.

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10 Helpful Tips for Beginners Riding a Bike in Las Vegas

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Gas prices continue to climb. Some Las Vegas real estate residents have filled their tank at the unfortunate price of $4.00 a gallon. If you want to cut costs, riding a bike is one of the best transportation alternatives.

If you rode a bike as a child chances are it will come back to you, it’s just something that never forget. You might forget a few of the rules and tips so here you go.

  1. Choose safety over looking cool. Wear a bike helmet. For $20-$30 you can protect your head from substantial injury.
  2. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust and dirt.
  3. Buy a mirror so you can see behind you.
  4. Buy a reflective vest and a rear light to ensure visibility.
  5. Go with the flow of traffic. Take the bike lane if there is one provided.
  6. Never stop in someone’s blind spot. Stay behind the vehicle or toward the very front where they can see you.
  7. Take up the entire lane if need be. Sometimes it’s just safer.
  8. Avoid listening to music and talking on the phone while biking. Be aware of your surroundings.
  9. Take the route less traveled. The busier the street the higher the risk.
  10. Learn the hand signals and use them.

For more information visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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